2.compressor not running at all=

Most likely the system is out or to low of freon. You may have a pressure switch failure. Electrical problem. Or the compressor may be bad.

3.Belt loose or tight=

This is self explanitory,if the belt is loose or broke repair or tighten it

4.Air coming out of correct vents=

If the air is not coming out of the correct vents then the vacuum source from the engine (INTAKE) to the doors may be lost due to leak, hose off, or your selector switch (a/c heat) may have failed. The switch works the vacuum source and directs it to the doors.

5.Compressor cutting on and off=

If the compressor is constantly cutting on and off, the system is low on freon.

6.Bubbles in sight glass=

Bubbles in sight glass means the system is low on freon.

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Back to air conditioning repair this site is about how a/c's work..

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