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You have entered my cyber playground.....

This is my first pain in my ass home page. I dont want it to be a crappy useless page but it may end up being one. Anyway Im a 36 year old male who can do a little with computers but I never have used a computer to entertain, and inform others.

I suffer constant back pain from a spinal f-ckin tumor, so with that it makes it even harder to think of entertaining things but with some opiates I may be able to.

So Im a 36 year old male who lives in Florida, Apollo beach to be exact. I like to compute, fish witch I dont do much anymore because even fishing bothers my back enough so I dont enjoy it. I think this tumor changed my personality, I used to be easy going, I worked full time even went to school drummed in a band, enjoyed being with someone, but after this back crap I dont seem to care about life even after almost losing my life. I dont know why but thats what happened.

I still like to help others I guess thats why my first web pages were to help others. I have a page for air conditioning help when you sweat like pig also if you want to try figuring out your a/c's problem when you know its an electrical problem that you want to try to fix yourself. Also if your automotive air conditioning is crapped out check this page out.

I taught myself about a whole bunch of service type things such as auto repairs since I dont have any damn money to pay others. If you are interested in how your fuel injection system works check this page out.